It’s funny, when you see something charming you instantly gotta-have-it! This was one of those pieces. So of course, I-got-it. I found her at the Jersey shore in one of the great beach yard sales, they have the best stuff! So I put art on this vintage dry sink. 

Let me tell you though, her insides stunk like nothing else.


Aside from her stinky butt, she was actually in very good condition. I cleaned the piece with dawn platinum dishwashing soap, and rinsed well with a damp towel, letting it dry before painting. 

Art On This Vintage Dry Sink

Materials Used 



  • Clean your piece well with cleaner.
  • First, I put a coat of shellac inside the entire piece. Inside and outside of the drawer/doors. This helps with odors. 
  • I lightly sanded the top with 220 grit sand paper and wiped clean with the tack cloth.
  • Apply the stain with a lint free rag.
  • Paint the entire piece with the Queen Bee
  • Once that dries, apply the Marquee in random areas with the putty knife. I worked in sections.
  • Then apply the Old ’57 randomly as well.
  • Using my misting sprayer to create some drips within the color mixing.
  • Apply each color. I added more QB if the other colors felt a bit overwhelming. 
  • The inside drawer and cabinet have one coat of Old ’57, it brightened up the inside.
  • Using the Wise Owl salve, I coated the inside and outside for a lasting beautiful smell.
  • The hardware was cleaned and rubbed to get a brassy color.  


This took me a couple of days, because I’m always second-guessing what I’m seeing versus what I originally envisioned in my head. Does anyone else do that? She sure turned out to be a beauty though! But, I wasn’t done yet.

Easy Gel Stained Top

This piece turned out to be time consuming, more than I had anticipated. See how the blue brightened the inside?

This piece was one of my favorites. I was looking for bold on this one and I think I achieved that goal! She looks like a Sally to me.

Have you used a putty knife to complete a colorful piece? Please share!

Do it with purpose!

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”
-Saul Bass