We are lucky enough to own a bay house on the east coast, in New Jersey. Summers are great there. It’s the older boat house on the block, but it has a charm that we love, along with magnificent views of the sunsets! What else would you need?

The kitchen is your typical oak cabinetry, with that boring tannish brown stain. Before I painted the cabinets the walls were white, so I thought let’s paint them yellow. Why? Dang if I know! I was trying to bring some color into a boring countertop and boring cabinetry.

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Not long after the horrid yellow, I decided to paint the cabinets a beach looking robins egg to brighten it up even more. Well, then I had a Cinco de Mayo kitchen going on. Soooo, the walls went white. Again. Thank goodness for my hubster, that man loves to paint keep me happy!

Using Dawn Platinum (I always have a big bottle of this for projects and brushes), I cleaned the cabinets again and again, cleaning off all the grime and grease from years gone by. I didn’t need to sand the surface, because I was happy to have the cabinets ‘not so perfect’. Then I applied two thin, not so perfect coats of robins egg chalk paint and did a wet distress in areas.

Now love walking into my small kitchen or looking at it from the living room. It’s so much brighter, and brings the feel of summer sun inside.

This project was done in one afternoon and touch-ups the next morning. Proof that it doesn’t take much to make small changes for big impacts!

Do it with purpose!

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” –
Saul Bass