How To Paint Furniture

Beach, Wine, Cabinet…Maybe get to the cabinet first, get the wine and take it to the beach! That sounds right.

This is such a unique piece, don’t you think? I found it at the Jersey Shore at one of the many yard sales. I immediately had to have it when I found it. I mean, $10 bucks and a rare piece as far as I’m concerned. When you have a beach house and people visit, you have to stock up on the wine! I was keeping this beauty.


Painting furniture


  • Cleaning product, I use Dawn Platinum (You can use vinegar and water also)
  • Your favorite paint color
  • New hardware of choice
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • Top coat for durability, I used Minwax  


  • Clean furniture thoroughly 
  • Apply first coat of paint – I only did one heavy coat
  • Sand lightly or heavy, your choice
  • Apply top coat, two coats on top for heavy traffic area

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Heaving Distressing

I did heavy distressing on this piece to really bring out the beach feel. The weathered wood look gives it that bright beach feel. 

How about this seahorse hardware, adorable right? I found these at Hobby Lobby, perfect for the beach decor. I left the feet their natural color as well as the bottle inlets, only painting the frame of each diamond area. 

This is ‘Candy‘, because wine is candy. Wouldn’t you agree?