Canvas Makeover DIY

Is Easy To Create For Your Home Decor

Canvas Makeover

Would you look at that crackle yumminess! This was definitely a fun project. A canvas makeover DIY is easy and fun, plus it was very much needed on this one. The original was dark and brown and didn’t fit into my decor anymore, but it did help in giving a background for this crackle project.

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Canvas Makeover


I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. They were moved from my living room to the hallway, which made it even darker, but they were out of my daily view. I have two of these, did I mention that? Looking at them now, they look almost identical with how dark they are. What are we thinking sometimes? This was over 10-years ago when dark was ‘in’, so I’ll use that excuse. ?

Let’s get to it!

This is what you’ll need to create this project.

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I started out cleaning this with some mild dawn soap, I didn’t want to use anything too harsh.

canvas makeover

Then I applied the raised stencils using spackle type material, to adhere and harden. Be sure the product you use doesn’t shrink too much. You can go over the raised area twice if you want a thicker look. I did one application to this one.

I used a corner stencil and a cow in the middle. This canvas is just shy of 3’ x 3’. I thought maybe I’d have too much open/plain space, but with the crackle its looking pretty good.

Raised Stencil

You can see the original crackle on the canvas, above. It made for even more crackling with my application.That’s a win-win of yumminess. You can see the crackle of the canvas as I painted (below), but with the crackle I applied, it gave even more texture and I love how it finished up. Although this was just the beginning of trial and error.

You can see here and here, where I’ve used raised stencils on furniture!

Canvas Makeover DIY Is Easy To Create For Your Home Decor

Canvas Painting

Such a pretty light green shade. I painted over the crackle and waited for the magic to begin, and boy did it! Of course the cow and corner raised stencils did not crackle but it did look fabulous. After the paint dried, I applied some gray liquid wax. It ended up being too dark even though I wiped it immediately with a rag. So then I had to use baby wipes. (Get them at the $1 store!)

Canvas makeover

It was still a bit dark, so I used a white liquid wax over the entire piece. It was starting to look fabulous! I was getting excited. I also sanded areas here and there to get the desired look I wanted. Like most things, I didn’t know what I really wanted from this until I just got on with it then it was trial and error. The best way to learn, don’t you think?

Canvas Makeover

The raised stencils areas were not standing out as much as they should, so I placed the stencil on the raised areas and took my dapper using the white liquid wax. It gave it what was needed, to stand out and be noticed!


Drum roll pleeeeeease! Isn’t this just beautiful? I love everything about it. Have you ever tried this before on an old painting, or just on a canvas? I would love to see your makeover or artwork. Leave your comments below and share with us.

Canvas Makeover

Do It With Purpose! 

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