Canvas Makeover DIY

Canvas Makeover DIY

Canvas Makeover DIY Is Easy To Create For Your Home Decor

Canvas Makeover

Would you look at that crackle yumminess! This was definitely a fun project. A canvas makeover DIY is easy and fun, plus it was very much needed on this one. The original was dark and brown and didn’t fit into my decor anymore, but it did help in giving a background for this crackle project.

Canvas Makeover


I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. They were moved from my living room to the hallway, which made it even darker, but they were out of my daily view. I have two of these, did I mention that? Looking at them now, they look almost identical with how dark they are. What are we thinking sometimes? This was over 10-years ago when dark was ‘in’, so I’ll use that excuse. ?

Let’s get to it!

This is what you’ll need to create this project.

  • Canvas art
  • Mild cleaner
  • Stencils of your liking
  • Spackle for stencils
  • Putty knife/spatula for applying spackle
  • Crackle product
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint color of your choice
  • Rags and baby wipes (the dollar store has these, buy a lot!)
  • Glaze or wax of choice

I started out cleaning this with some mild dawn soap, I didn’t want to use anything too harsh.

canvas makeover

Applying Transfers to Furniture

Then I applied the raised stencils using spackle type material, to adhere and harden. Be sure the product you use doesn’t shrink too much. You can go over the raised area twice if you want a thicker look. I did one application to this one.

I used a corner stencil and a cow in the middle. This canvas is just shy of 3’ x 3’. I thought maybe I’d have too much open/plain space, but with the crackle its looking pretty good.

Raised Stencil

You can see the original crackle on the canvas, above. It made for even more crackling with my application.That’s a win-win of yumminess. You can see the crackle of the canvas as I painted (below), but with the crackle I applied, it gave even more texture and I love how it finished up. Although this was just the beginning of trial and error.

Canvas Makeover DIY Is Easy To Create For Your Home Decor

Canvas Painting

Flower moulding a chair

Such a pretty light green shade. I painted over the crackle and waited for the magic to begin, and boy did it! Of course the cow and corner raised stencils did not crackle but it did look fabulous. After the paint dried, I applied some gray liquid wax. It ended up being too dark even though I wiped it immediately with a rag. So then I had to use baby wipes. (Get them at the $1 store!)

Canvas makeover

It was still a bit dark, so I used a white liquid wax over the entire piece. It was starting to look fabulous! I was getting excited. I also sanded areas here and there to get the desired look I wanted. Like most things, I didn’t know what I really wanted from this until I just got on with it then it was trial and error. The best way to learn, don’t you think?

Canvas Makeover

The raised stencils areas were not standing out as much as they should, so I placed the stencil on the raised areas and took my dapper using the white liquid wax. It gave it what was needed, to stand out and be noticed!


Drum roll pleeeeeease! Isn’t this just beautiful? I love everything about it. Have you ever tried this before on an old painting, or just on a canvas? I would love to see your makeover or artwork. Leave your comments below and share with us.

Canvas Makeover

Painting Furniture Fabric

Painting Furniture Fabric

The How To Painting Furniture Fabric

The how to of painting furniture fabric is easier than it looks, and it looks pretty easy wouldn’t you agree? Everything can look intimidating for the first time and it was for me, but you will see how easy it is when you try it. 

Painting Furniture Fabric

It was only natural to paint a gothic look on this French provincial chair being so close to Halloween. I love Halloween. Especially in the small town I grew up in, Lambertville NJ. It was like Peyton Place, if anyone knew that era. The house across the street from us was used for an aerial view for the opening of a daytime soap opera. Am I dating myself yet? Plus, The Travel Channel recently named Lambertville NJ one of the most charming towns in America. “The antiques capital of the state and home to many artists and crafters.” So that’s why I am what I am. ?

Painted Fabric

This chair was fabulous before…and much more fabulous after!

Painting Furniture Fabric

Here are the products I used for this gothic looking French provincial chair:

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How to use chalk paint

Painting fabric


  • Clean your piece, wipe down with a clean damp cloth to rinse. Wipe the fabric down to remove any dust or grime.
  • If you plan on having raw wood or your wood needs repairs, do that prior to painting.
  • Start misting the fabric with water to open the fibers so the paint is absorbed. Do sections at a time.
  • Once the fabric is dry (I waited 24-hours for each coat), lightly sand with 220-grit. Apply as many coats as necessary to completely cover the material, sanding between coats. This chair used two coats. I only sanded the first coat because of the raised details and fear the paint would lighten in those areas.



  • I applied two coats of glaze to the wood frame, in an uneven fashion. Glaze dries fast, so you can start the metallic application soon after the glaze is applied.
  • You can apply the metallic rub-n-buff as much or as little as you like.
  • When you’ve completed your furniture piece to your liking, apply a coat of wax to soften and protect the fabric. (I did use the Spray wax by Dixie Belle.) I did not put a top coat on the glazed area.

Painting furniture

I love this chair and it will be hard to get rid of, if I decide to sell it ?
The details are even more stunning than they were ‘before’.

Tell me, what do you think of this chair? Is it fabulous? Leave your comment below.

Do It With Purpose!

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!”

-Saul Bass

How To Hand Paint Flowers

How To Hand Paint Flowers

Hand painted flowers

I originally painted this chair using salt wash for texture, and started to use some patina on it. Thinking I was going to do this fantastic patina finish, as much as I kept at it, it stunk! It had too much brown and was too dark. So I switched it up and I’m here to show you how to hand paint flowers. That’s what makes painting so much fun, when you don’t like it you can paint it again. So let’s get to it!

hand painted flowers

How To Hand Paint Flowers

Items you will need:

hand painted flowers

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You can see all the detail in the flowers. I just kept adding until it looked good to me. I like the different look of the flowers with the color combination. The pink polka dots were just a whim and I like the character they add. A bit whimsy, isn’t it?

Salt wash texture

How to use chalk paint
hand painting flowers

Instructions made easy:

  • Find your canvas, be it a chair or table, furniture or any kind of board. The options are limitless.
  • Pick any paint such as acrylics or chalk paint.
    • greens for stems
    • brown for stems
    • yellow, orange, red, blues for your flowers | go with a color theme or go wild!
  • Add your salt wash texture to your paint as directed for your base coat. The 50-50 ratio goes a long way.
  • Let that base coat dry. Paint your desired top color.
  • When that coat is dry, sand lightly over the salt peaks. Your base color will peek through.
  • Paint your flowers! Keep adding color until you like what you see. Design any type of flower you’d like.
  • Apply an indoor or outdoor topcoat using the product instructions. If using for display, you could skip a top coat.

Hand painted flowers

What do you think of this chair, and what type of flowers would you paint on your canvas?

Do it with purpose!

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!”

-Saul Bass



A Mini Desk And Chair With A Hand Painted Mermaid

A Mini Desk And Chair With A Hand Painted Mermaid

painted desk

This mini desk and chair is the cutest, and handpainting a mermaid was the first thing that came to mind when I was trying to figure out what color to paint it. Isn’t that always the hardest part, choosing a color? This is a robins egg color that I also painted my kitchen with, which you can check out here.

I had a cute helper with this one, my 10-year old niece Corynne. She’s the sweetest little girl and loves to spend time with me and the hubster at our bay house. 

We painted a primer on this set because the wood was dark with a heavy stain. I didn’t dare sand this.

I cleaned it up good with Dawn dishwashing liquid, and then applied the primer which did a great job keeping any bleed from coming through. 

Niece painting a chair
Small brown desk
Small desk chair

With this view, I’ll paint anything for anyone. Who wouldn’t want to sit here and paint 100 mini desks and chairs? Just sayin’. 😎


small desk and chair

These pieces have a lot of ornate details, so I decided to paint some metallic in those areas and also use it for the mermaids hair. I had to cut out my hand drawing of the mermaid because I was nervous I couldn’t duplicate it on the chair! So, I traced the outline for sizing.

 Hey, I’m not ashamed to trace! 😎

This is an 8-1/2’by 11″ sheet of paper. That will tell you how small this desk is. An adult could use it comfortably, but it’s cuter for a child. 

Mermaid hand painting
mermaid drawing

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Mermaid desk chair
desk top with ornate detail

A top tough topcoat was applied and both pieces were slightly distressed so any concern of bumping into it making a mark wouldn’t be a problem. 

Her name is Sally Seashell. Yeah, whatever. Sometimes you just have to go with it. 😏 Don’t be a hater, she’s pretty!

small beach desk and chair

What color would you have painted this and would you paint something on the chair? What would it be? Don’t forget to sign up for to receive my next blog post!!

A Sideboard Buffet Stripping And Repainting

A Sideboard Buffet Stripping And Repainting

Stripped and repainted Sideboard Buffet

Meet Adele. I just had to tell you her name first because I think she’s beautiful! I’m so in awe of this piece. Isn’t she a beauty? Adele has come a long way. She was raw, she was serene, she was stripped and repainted and stained. Stripping and repainting a sideboard buffet is no joke. Let me show you what she’s been through. 

Sideboard Buffet Stripping and Repainting 

Sideboard buffet furniture

This is what Adele looked like when she came to me. Very beautiful in her natural state, she had some flaws…but don’t we all? 😏 Her detail was so stunning, I had to accent them. I believed a lovely color ‘serene’, would show her off, and it did. You can read more about that here.

Sideboard buffet

This is what Adele looked like originally. A beautiful ‘serene’ color, and of course her name is..or was Serena. Stunning right? 

Serena was in my master bedroom. I loved her color for a couple years, but she needed a new dress. With a new dress, it calls for a new name. 

This post contains affiliate links where I may earn a small commission, but at no additional cost to you. It helps me continue to bring free content that may help you with your projects.

It was a lot of work to redress Adele, stripping and repainting. She needed to be stripped of course, and that is no easy task. Especially when you’re working in the master bedroom, because who wants to carry a heavy piece of furniture down a flight of stairs, outside and then back again? Not me, and my hubster just looked at me and smiled, like I was kidding or something. So I went to work.

Stripped sideboard buffet


I used Citristrip. See in the video how easily the paint stripped off? If you haven’t used this product, you should. You can use it indoor without the strong odor or toxic concerns. It works great, that’s the bonus. 

I applied the Citristrip a second time to really get down to the natural wood. 

You apply it in a thick layer, using a chip brush. One you can toss, or keep if you plan to strip anytime soon. I’ve rinsed them out and reused them. Can you see the beautiful natural wood in the photo to the right? So much beauty. 

stripper and white lightening cleaner

Stripping the legs, WHAT A PAIN! Although totally worth it. The top and legs were all that I stripped. I painted over the serene body with ease. Using a ‘drop cloth‘ color on the body and a bit of a light brown color I highlighted the details with, the results were better than expected. 

I used a beautiful smelling salve to top the natural wood, I didn’t feel the need to stain. Leaving the legs natural with the salve was also a look I wanted to create. Leaving some of the natural beauty was what Adele needed. 

Sideboard Buffet Cream

What do you think of Adele? Her beautiful accents are so much more accentuated.

Tell me what you think in a comment below. And sign up with your email to receive every new blog post. You won’t want to miss them. 

Stained Vintage Drop Leaf Coffee Table

Stained Vintage Drop Leaf Coffee Table

This beauty has style and stunning details, and after I painted and stained the top of this piece, I loved it even more.

Stained vintage coffee table

It’s the classic coffee table for any sofa or seating area. The traditional white distressed body gave this old charmer a shabby look of love. The easy to apply gel stain on the top really sets off this table. What’s not to love?

I sanded this table down to its natural beauty. Removing all the old stain and lacquer. Look at the photo below and that beauty under it all!

I used my DeWalt sander for this project. I started with 80 grit sand paper to remove any blemishes, then ended with a 220 grit for a smooth finish.

Sanding the top of vintage table

Vintage Drop Leaf Beauty

So many beautiful characteristics about this beauty. She is in great condition, but just not the right color. With a little bit of dressing up in her white coat, smooth stained top, she started to shine!

Table drop leaf support bar and bamboo style bars.

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Using gel stain on furniture is very easy. You just use a lint free cloth or a sponge brush. Do a section at a time, and wipe the excess away. Reapply to reach your desired depth of color.

This table has all the vintage feels. Just look at the pull-out to hold the sides up on this table, and I love the support bars with the bamboo look. The charm and beauty of this table speaks for itself. It will look fabulous in any room of your home. I see it in a white, bright and airy sunroom, giving the room a touch natural look with the stained top.

What do you think of her? Would you have painted her white and stained her top?

Vintage Stained Coffee Table

I gave her a strong vintage name, Iris!

Do it with purpose…

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!” -Saul Bass


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