Patina side table

The coastal look for this side table was inspired by my area mats I have in our bay house kitchen. Creating a coastal side table with texture is easy and fun! 

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Before photo of coastal table
Painted Coastal Side Table

I previously painted this side table coco and white, this was one of my earlier pieces. Like, early. While it was sweet and pretty and got a lot of attention, it didn’t sell and I got bored with it. I had tucked it away for awhile and forgot about it. 


Salt Washing Texture For Table
Coastal Patina Table
Coastal Side Table Patina

I Can’t Get Enough Of

This Coastal Side Table

  • I used two different chalk paint blues to create a blended look between the top and bottom. Applying one layer of each color, allowing to dry and then another layer to blend. 
  • This is where the mister comes into play. Perfect to have in your arsenal. 
  •  In some areas I used Salt Wash to create a sandy texture. This is a powder form. Mixing one part paint and one part powder, it should be a thick paste. You can dab/blot this on with a paint brush (I use a cheap chip brush), making clumps and peaks for the texture. 
  •  In other areas I used a patina product to get the silver, rusty and coppery look.
  •  Rub -N- Buff  is a great product that I used to touch up other areas, adding the copper and gold for accents.   
Textured Side Table
 Products used:
  • Paint of your choice.
  • Dawn Platinum to wash the piece prior to painting. 
  • Patina line of paint from your favorite paint source
  • Rub-N-Buff
  • Chip brush
  • Salt Wash 



Who would have thought that patina rust could look so good on a piece of painted furniture! 

Now, it’s ART! 

I love all the texture and color on this table. It turned out just how I wanted with the rust and crusty areas, and the gold & silver accents. This was for my house, but a shop at the Jersey Shore wanted to use it in her shop. Pictures don’t do this piece justice, in person he’s even more stunning!

Textured Side Table

Salty Sam” is a work of art for sure! In person he is so stunning with so much to look at, it just makes you feel good. All the texture and color giving a yummy coastal vibe. 

Do it with purpose!

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!” -Saul Bass