The American Flag painted on an old gate

I stumbled upon this gate at a yard sale while out for a walk in Doylestown PA. It’s always fun to find the hidden yard sales unexpectedly, because that seems to be where you find the best stuff.

This gate was one of those treasures, it had a giant P on it with the an old hook n’ eye. I removed the black ‘hinges’ because they were plastic and only one. It’s a shame the original hinges were gone, but I like the shadow of them still being there.

An old gate with a faded original letter P on it

You can tell the gate was originally a red color and very faded, but I liked the weathered look of it. My last name doesn’t start with a P, so I had to sand some of it off but without removing too much of the true weathered look.

I had a great idea for this old gate.

Painting The Gate

I used a yard stick to measure out the flag with all 13 stripes. The 50 stars were a challenge since the stencil I made for them was too big. I was originally just going to do a heart, so I combined them both. (I may change the stars/heart later, but it’s working for me, for now.) I did give the finished look a slight sanding to age it a bit. 

Behold the American Flag! Great idea, right? I used acrylic paint and chalk paint I had handy, and it’s lasted a long time outside even without putting on any top coat. This will fade naturally and I can always touch it up.

Old gate hanging with hand painted American Flag
We hung this proudly on our carriage house-barn. It really is a large gate, but on our big barn it looks small. It does look good between the windows though. I’ve even had people slow down and look at it. That validated me and my artwork idea for this fabulous gate and the barn.
A big red barn with the gate American Flag painted on it


Excuse the weeds among the day lilies, I’m busy painting! 

Happy Independence to us all!

Do it with purpose!

Wendy 🌸

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!” -Saul Bass