Decorative Serving Tray

Turning a cabinet into a serving tray is fun and simple. Isn’t this a beauty! I made this for a dear friend and she loves it, thank goodness, but honestly who wouldn’t? To have this sitting in your dining area or on your living room coffee table, it would add such elegant charm! A true conversation piece.

This tray has all the feels, a rustic-shabby-french-contemporary!

An ordinary old brown cabinet door. I have a few laying around and this project was something I figured out as I went along. I kept adding to it until I got it to “my happy face”.

Making A Tray From A Cabinet Door

I used gray chalk paint and a FolkArt Crackle product around the frame area. I love how that turned out. For the crackle texture, the base color is what you’d want to see through the second coat of paint, or through the cracks. With this project, I mixed the gray paint with an old white chalk paint to make it lighter for the base coat, so it would show through the crackles of the top, darker gray.

I added IOD moulds and some glaze. Moulds are fairly easy to create, using powder such as cornstarch in the mould to keep the clay from sticking to the mould. The paper clay is what you use to form the moulds being used for your project. The foils really topped it off for me. They added such an elegance to the tray.

I thought the rustic hardware really set this piece off to give it all the feels.

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I would love to see your repurposed cabinet door, share below your finished project! What do you think of this tray?

Do it with purpose!

“I want to make
beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”
-Saul Bass