Most times taking that ‘just right’ photo can be daunting. I dread taking selfies and professional photos. My neck is too long, I have a chin like Jay Leno (no offense, Jay), and I can never get my ‘best side’ right…or was it my left? The list goes on.

But sometimes that ‘ah-ha’ moment comes around at 11:00pm, after going out to dinner…and maybe a martini is involved…and you say to your hubster, “Hey hubs, can you take a couple photos of me while I’m having a good hair day?” Once my hubs gets a hold of your phone camera, look out, he takes 20-30 photos! Read on to see how many photos it takes to get that pro selfie!

So, How Many Photos To Get That Pro Selfie?

From fun and funny, to the semi-serious business funny and just plain fun! This is what happens when you don’t plan, results are better than expected. I’m happy with these photos! They may not be ‘professional’, the lighting may be a tad off, but they’re doing the job!

We did have the help of a beautiful ring light that my son gave to me as a gift. I’ve used this is my huge statement post.

So there you have them! It was definitely a good hair-day, or hair-evening anyway. There is a moral to all of this. We are too critical on ourselves, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to what I think I need as perfection. Truth be told, aren’t we all already perfect in our own way?

This business where we share our art and personality and photos, can be a cruel and hurtful place. It’s amazing what humans throw at others, as to what their creative mind should be, or shouldn’t have been, how they should look or not look. We are our own judge, no one else has that right.

Be YOU, because you are perfect!

Share the story or situation you’ve experienced, in the comments below.

Do it with purpose!

I want to make beautiful things,
even if nobody cares!”
-Saul Bass