House Tour

Happy Holidays! I’m excited to be sharing my first ever home tour. Nothing too fancy here, just sharing the simple decor. I used to decorate so much of my home. I’m too tired for that now. Can you relate? 

Nowadays, I’m more simple. Well, simpler than back when, haha. Decor for the Christmas holiday is my most favorite part of Christmas. The music, the lights…not so much the shopping. Am I right? I like to start a week before Thanksgiving. I know many people who would pooh-pooh that idea, but it’s a lot to just decorate a tree. I want to admire my work for longer than a week or two. 

My favorite decor are trees, lots of them, wherever I can put them. 

I’m going to get right to it, not bore you with too much talk. Just show you the pretty things. 


Our little tripod Annabelle tries to sneak into all the photos. She’s my little shadow  at 6.5 lbs, a puppy-mill rescue. 

Our home was build in the late 1800’s. With original pumpkin pine floors in three rooms and the original brick kitchen floor. That brick is now our laundry room and hallway.

We’ve been here about 16 years, purchasing the house before the addition so we were able to put our personal details throughout.

Pumpkin Pine & Brick Flooring

I have some sort of tree in each room.

Old houses come with extra small rooms. So when we added on we had two in front of the house we didn’t know what to do with. They were forever changing. Two of the rooms host a pool table and an additional TV | kids playroom, for all the niece and nephew babysitting I do. 🥰


table scape

That gorgeous bird house I purchased recently in Texas, while visiting my sweet friend. Shipping that thing from Texas to Pennsylvania was a challenge! But, I couldn’t pass it up, as well as a donkey named Elroy 😂. That’s another story down the road. 

We used to be very contemporary, hence the contemporary kitchen. Now we’re more into the traditional farmhouse. I like light and bright!  Doing  a new kitchen is not an expense I want to open my wallet to. Ha! I’m sure you can agree.

Merry House Tour

Added a bit in the toy room and a little bit in the laundry room. Just little touches I like to look at in each room.

Just a nice wreath on the headboard for the master. Vintage tree in the pool table room. The flock tree with colorful bulbs in the dining room.

Who doesn’t like a powder room with a pretty view!


So what do you think? Too much, too little?

I would love if you shared your photos with me. 

Happy holidays to you and your family!

May the new year bring you good health and much happiness🎄


Do it with purpose!

Wendy 🎄

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!” -Saul Bass