This lovely cabinet was originally displayed as the beauty she is, below. Recently, I updated her with some transfers. You can see more updated photos below.

Isn’t this beauty huge!?!

She was found at Restore, Habitat For Humanity. I needed a statement piece for my new decor change in my family room. This fit the need for sure! Listed at $250, I thought it was a bargain considering anything new this size would cost 4-5 times as much and may not be made as well. Little did I know, this piece had a sale sticker, 75% off! Now that’s a true bargain, right?

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This pine beauty has a lot going on inside. She has a pull out counter, a storage drawer, a place to hang wine glasses, lights, a wine rack and storage below. As well as with a mirror on the back wall. I was so excited to get it home and clean it up.

I worked on it day and night, I was so excited to finish this piece. I cleaned it up and put on a coat of B.O.S.S. for better coverage and any possible bleed through. Believe me, it saves any additional steps later. You can read more about bleed through here.

After The Primer

After the primer, I used a drop cloth chalk mineral paint by Dixie Belle, then a grunge gray glaze on top. With some light distressing, the hardware finished with rub-n-buff patina, I’m loving the results. Elegance achieved!

The original hardware was gold. Then I put silver run-n-buff on it, which then made me think of the patina. I love the patina hardware better.

Some products used for this project:

Bring On The Transfer 

UPDATE: So I wanted to fancy this lady up a little and thought some transfers would do the trick. After the first one was on, I thought ‘wow, this will be nice’ then as I went along I did the “OMG!!, what did I do?” Ha! Then I started to like it again. With the final transfer rubbed on, I was hooked! This needs to happen more often. It’s easy and fun. You can find similar transfers here

APPLICATION: Transfers come on a clear sheet of film. The sheets normally come with a wooden applicator, like a tongue depressor. As you can see in the photo below, you simply place the transfer in the area you’d like it and use the applicator to rub it on. You can tell it’s applying when the clear film starts to pull away from the transfer art. 


This, is Antionette. Which means ‘invaluable’, in latin. She is very useful. What do you think of her?

Do it with purpose!


I want to make
beautiful things, even if nobody cares!”
-Saul Bass