Hand painted flowers

This chair went through a couple of lives. I originally painted this chair using sea spray for texture, with some patina on it. Thinking I was going to do this fantastic patina finish, as much as I kept at it, it stunk! (Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo…maybe I can’t find it. 😂) It had too much brown and was too dark. So I switched it up to whimsical and I’m here to show you how to hand paint flowers. That’s what makes painting so much fun, when you don’t like it you can paint it again. So let’s get to it!

hand painted flowers

How To Hand Paint Flowers

Items you will need:

  • Choose your canvas.
  • Paints
  • Brushes, small art brushes. I used old makeup brushes as well.
  • Salt Wash for some fun texture
  • Sand paper, 220 grit to distress as little or as much as you’d like | or not at all
  • Outdoor topcoat. I like General Finishes. Always read the instructions carefully and use protective eyewear and gloves.

hand painted flowers

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You can see all the detail in the flowers. I just kept adding color and depth, until it looked good to me. Personal preference is the key here. I like the different look of the flowers with the color combination. The pink polka dots add the whimsy and I like their character. Do you like whimsy? 

Salt wash texture

hand painting flowers

Instructions made easy:

  • Find your canvas, be it a chair or table, furniture or any kind of board. The options are limitless.
  • Pick any paint such as acrylics or chalk paint.
    • greens for stems
    • brown for stems
    • yellow, orange, red, blues for your flowers | go with a color theme or go wild!
  • Add your salt wash texture to your paint as directed for your base coat. The 50-50 ratio goes a long way.
  • Let that base coat dry. Paint your desired top color.
  • When that coat is dry, sand lightly over the salt peaks. Your base color will peek through.
  • Paint your flowers! Keep adding color until you like what you see. Design any type of flower you’d like. You can do this! Create your own flower design.
  • Apply an indoor or outdoor topcoat. Then you can use it outdoors.

Hand painted flowers

What do you think of this chair, and what type of flowers would you paint on your canvas?

Do it with purpose!

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!”

-Saul Bass