I love when I can freehand anything and it comes out better than I expected. That’s what happened here. We had an old side-table at our bay house, and I wanted to break it up and use it for a DIY project. You know, just because it looked so cool. Here, I use the top of the table.


Flower Hand Painting

Originally I wanted to paint a cow on this, but I didn’t want to ruin the whole piece of its natural look, while making a cow look mutant and way out of proportion. I’m better at drawing stick figures!

I’m one of those artists that can either do it really, really well or really, really bad. Imagine my surprise when this art turned out better than I expected. I was so excited!

How To Paint Furniture

My inspiration for this was from an overpriced painting I saw in a magazine, I can’t remember which one. I had one of those “I can do that” moments. My hubster makes fun of me for that, because I always say it. Well, we can, right? 


I used any chalk or acrylic paints I had on hand, and I have A LOT of different brands. Isn’t that how we all started out? The base background was a pretty pale blue-green with a darker blue vase. I went peachy on the flowers, for no good reason, just because. Pinks, white, peach, greenery and a little bit of red mixed in the peachy color. Using many different small brushes.

Be Creative And Use Your Own Color And Style

Freestyle Painting

I was surprised how quickly I painted this. I like it. My hubster likes it. It’s hanging on our wall and it fits perfect with my new grays, off white and patina blues with just a hint of pinks. 

Hand Painting Flowers

Every now and then I look at her and think she needs a little more balance. Eh, I’ll just let her be…her name is Peachy! You could have guessed that one, right?  

Do it with purpose!

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares”. – Saul Bass