This beauty has style and stunning details, and after I painted and stained the top of this piece, I loved it even more.

Stained vintage coffee table

It’s the classic coffee table for any sofa or seating area. The traditional white distressed body gave this old charmer a shabby look of love. The easy to apply gel stain on the top really sets off this table. What’s not to love?

I sanded this table down to its natural beauty. Removing all the old stain and lacquer. Look at the photo below and that beauty under it all!

I used my DeWalt sander for this project. I started with 80 grit sand paper to remove any blemishes, then ended with a 220 grit for a smooth finish.

Sanding the top of vintage table

Vintage Drop Leaf Beauty

So many beautiful characteristics about this beauty. She is in great condition, but just not the right color. With a little bit of dressing up in her white coat, smooth stained top, she started to shine!

Table drop leaf support bar and bamboo style bars.

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Using gel stain on furniture is very easy. You just use a lint free cloth or a sponge brush. Do a section at a time, and wipe the excess away. Reapply to reach your desired depth of color.

This table has all the vintage feels. Just look at the pull-out to hold the sides up on this table, and I love the support bars with the bamboo look. The charm and beauty of this table speaks for itself. It will look fabulous in any room of your home. I see it in a white, bright and airy sunroom, giving the room a touch natural look with the stained top.

What do you think of her? Would you have painted her white and stained her top?

Vintage Stained Coffee Table

I gave her a strong vintage name, Iris!

Do it with purpose…

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!” -Saul Bass