Even though Santa can’t come down a missing fireplace, you can still hang your stockings with care! Check out this easy Standing Christmas Stocking Hanger and make one of your own.

Christmas Board

Making A Stocking Hanger

This is such a simple and easy way to hang your stockings, in any room of your home. You can make this in a day. Okay two, but only for drying purposes.

I used a 6’x8″x1″ board for a family of five. Let me tell you, these stockings are jam packed with lots of fun stuff and lots of love. This will hold them. I know, because it was for my niece with three littles. Ā šŸ™‚

I prefer using a gel stain. Applying thin and wiping off soon after, it dries quicker. I gave it overnight, sanded to see more of the grain and it was ready to be lettered and screwed. The stain is the longest step of this whole project. It could take longer to dry, depends on your application and humidity.

I didn’t take a before photo of the board, but I’m sure you can picture it.

My niece wanted a dark finish, so we went with espresso on this pine wood. No need to top coat your stain, but you can if you’d like. If so, you would need to let the stain dry much longer. Be sure to read your instructions.

gel stain board

DIY Your Stocking Hanger

Cover Hanger
Cricut stencil

I chose to use the permanent vinyl on this board. It looks just as good as making a stencil and painting. Personal choice. You could even freehand the letters if you like your painting skills.

Just measure the width of your board and use the shape type for your lettering. Pick a font and type it up and print.Ā 

Cricut made it easy. Do you have a Cricut or a Silhouette? I had a Silhouette first, but didn’t feel it was as user friendly as a Cricut. Let me know what you prefer, I’d like to know.

And the stockings lettering

And The Stockings Were Hung…

This is Annabelle, my little helper these days. She likes to be in on everything I’m doing. šŸ™‚

I made my first line lettering to fit right into the full width with the second line to the right because I would be placing the first hanger hook on the left side.

I started at the bottom of the board and worked my way up. Measured the stocking to place the screw in the correct place, then following the same measurements going up.Ā 

You can always move your screws if you need to adjust. Which is what I ultimately needed to do. The stockings hung longer when full of their gifts. Keep that in mind when figuring your measurements.Ā 

It’s easy to fill in the hole and it won’t be seen, they are so tiny.Ā 

Measure Twice Screw Once

Some Materials Needed For This Project

measure and screw

May last screw at the top, it landed right where I intended.

Top screw

This came out so nice. My niece was happy with the results! I changed one of the hooks to make sure the last stocking didn’t drag. Not a big deal.Ā 

Take a look at how nice this looks. You could also put a hook on the back to hang.Ā 

And The Stockings Were Hung

Stocking Hanger

Such a perfect addition to the Christmas holiday. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Would love to hear what you think about a DIY Christmas Stocking Hanger.

Do it with purpose!

Wendy ā™„

I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!” -Saul Bass