American Canvas Flag

Isn’t she lovely? This flag just gives me such a warm proud feeling. Just seeing it anywhere makes me smile…on someones home, on a flag pole. We can all relate to this American Flag in one way or another. We know freedom really isn’t free, so when you do see this flag, smile and embrace all the courage, strength and heroes behind it. Fly this flag proudly! 

Original Canvas

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Who had one of these? Go ahead, you can admit it. I had two of them. In my dark hallway. Why you ask? Haha, I guess it was the gold in them. I was into the gold ceiling to floor curtains and brownish/gold furniture. Okay, I’m going to stop there. You’ll be happy to know I’ve gotten past that dark period, I’m now light and airy.

Seriously though, this is such a cool makeover. I mentioned I had two of these, the other one I also made over. You can see that cow canvas here

Dazzle and Clear Coat
Flag Dazzle

This paper is from Zazzle, and all opinions are of my own experience. I do love this paper, this particular one is a little thicker than rice paper. I like how it went on, using clear coat flat by Dixie Belle Paint Company. I’ve ordered a lot from Zazzle and I’m loving all their different papers, thin and heavier papers. 

HOW-TO: When you apply the clear coat on your project using a large piece like this, do it in sections. It will make application much easier. Your paper will crinkle once wet. Use a piece of plastic wrap around your four fingers applying light pressure to smooth it out. Don’t press too hard or you could rip the paper. I like my paper crinkles in some areas, depending on my project. With this one being a flag, I wanted it to look like it was not laying so flat, as if it is flying. Then, I sanded lightly with a 400 grit over it after it dried, to give a worn look. 

When the flag application was dry, I wrote in pencil how I wanted the writing of Freedom to look. I went over it with a small artist brush and Barn Red chalk mineral paint. I didn’t want it perfect or in any particular font, I wanted it ‘free’ hand. Like the meaning of the American Flag.  

Flag Left

To finish this off, I used the Golden Gem Mousse by Dixie Belle to edge and highlight  the flag and letters a bit. I also used the Anchor black Silk paint to blot some areas I thought needed it. It’s all about your own eye and what you want to see with your art. 

Flag Right

I have this beauty in my pool table room for now. I may sell it, but I like looking at my favorite pieces sometimes, for a few weeks before selling them. Who else does this? 

I hope you love this piece as much as I do! 

Do it with purpose!

Wendy 🌸

I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!”  – Saul Bass