Ohhhh, Christmas Trees!

These DIY Christmas Trees were so fun to make. Using any scrap wood you have on hand will do, along with any embellishment you can find, any holiday paint color you’d like and you’ll have beautifully decorated holiday trees. Just like these.

There is no easier way to explain how to do these DIY Christmas Trees, it’s just that simple. Use your imagination and you will soon be making dozens of these beauties. 

I love trees to decorate the holiday with, decorated or not, lights or not, they are just gorgeous anyway you display them. I always leave one tree up all year without decorations, but I have it on a timer for the lights to go on and off in a front room of my home.


I had pine wood pieces on hand from other projects, already painted gray. Did you know gray is a perfect base primer for white? It helps with better coverage, especially with lighter colors. 

Measure and cut your wood pieces the size of your choice. Mine are 7″ and 11″ trees.

I had random things to embellish with. Broken trim pieces removed from furniture, flat wood round dots and I also used hot glue to create a design. Careful not to burn your fingers like I did “ouch”.

Glue Trees

See how easy that looks. Just take your glue gun and start decorating. Then comes the paint and touches of magic to bring them to the final look.

Raw embellish

I used Dixie Belle Fluff mineral chalk paint. It was the perfect white for these decorated trees. The top coat I used was a Clear Coat Gloss to bring just the right sheen to the finish.



Trees on table

You can see I added different textures and embellishments such as jute string and gold foil to. 

Here is what you will need to complete your DIY trees:

  • Wood of your choice, cut to size
  • White paint, Fluff by Dixie Belle, or your color choice.
  • Glue gun 
  • Embellishments: anything you have works.
  • Gemstone Mousse for color accents.
  • Brush
  • Top coat, Clear Coat Gloss
  • Sea Spray
  • Gold foil: layer your top coat and stick on the foil pieces

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These finished trees are a simple gift idea, or a beautiful addition to your holiday decor. 

I would love for you to share your DIY Christmas decor. Just leave a comment below. 

DIY Wood Christmas Trees

Do It With Purpose!

Wendy 🌸


“I want to paint beautiful things, even if nobody cares!” -Sal Bass