Maple Table

Look at this little nugget! Such a sweet little table. I painted this within a couple of days.  If you have the time and the patience to wait on the drying time, it can happen.

This is a nice maple table. If you know wood, this is less likely to bleed any oils through your paint. This means you can opt to not use a primer. It’s a personal choice when you’re painting, I always prime with B.O.S.S primer at least one layer just in case. You don’t want all your hard work to go bad at the end. So, make a smart decision.


I had three tables to custom paint and this maple oval table was one of them. 

These tables were dirrrrrty! This one was the least filthy, but still needed a good cleaning. I use white lightning by Dixie Belle to clean my furniture. It cleans deep. This helps paint to adhere, as well as when you scuff sand the piece. Be sure to clean it again after scuff sanding. You don’t want the dust in your paint. 

white lightening



 White Lightning Cleaner is a powder that you mix with water. Two tablespoons in a 36oz spray bottle will last you a good while. It’s a de-greaser and removes all debris from your piece. I also use a little scrubby pad to help loosen any dirt. Cleaning is one of the first important steps of painting. 


Sand Maple Top

You can see how beautifully this piece sanded. The orangey manufactured stain is gone. I scuff sanded the body, wiping it down again, and used a tack cloth to rid of any extra dust. The tack cloth is tacky, so it picks up the little dust the dry rag doesn’t. 

Painting A Piece Of Furniture In A Couple Days

I sanded the top with a 100 grit, then a 150, to a 220. I did a final hand sand with a 400. I applied 4 coats of Clear Coat Satin. It brought out such beauty in this wood. Don’t you think?





Isn’t this color beautiful? 

Spanish Moss. A rustic, soft green-gray. One of my favorite Dixie Belle Paint colors. I’ve used this on a bench seat that you can see here.




This top looks gorgeous with this clear coat satin top coats. The 4 coats will help it last through any heavy traffic usage. It has just enough sheen with great protection.

Such a sweet piece for my client! Now, onto the other two drop leaf tables. 😊

That’s my garage shop below. Heat and AC, so I can ‘get’er-done. 😂

Drop Leaf Tables
Final Sp Moss

She’s so pretty! What do you think, do you like Spanish Moss? 

Do it with purpose!

Wendy 🌸

“I want to make beautful things, even if nobody cares!” – Sal Bass