The How To Painting Furniture Fabric

The how to of painting furniture fabric is easier than it looks, and it looks pretty easy wouldn’t you agree? Everything can look intimidating for the first time and it was for me, but you will see how easy it is when you try it. 

Painting Furniture Fabric

It was only natural to paint a gothic look on this French provincial chair being so close to Halloween. I love Halloween. Especially in the small town I grew up in, Lambertville NJ. It was like Peyton Place, if anyone knew that era. The house across the street from us was used for an aerial view for the opening of a daytime soap opera. Am I dating myself yet? Plus, The Travel Channel recently named Lambertville NJ one of the most charming towns in America. “The antiques capital of the state and home to many artists and crafters.” So that’s why I am what I am. ?

Painted Fabric

This chair was fabulous before…and much more fabulous after!

Painting Furniture Fabric

Here are the products I used for this gothic looking French provincial chair:

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Painting fabric


  • Clean your piece, wipe down with a clean damp cloth to rinse. Wipe the fabric down to remove any dust or grime.
  • If you plan on having raw wood or your wood needs repairs, do that prior to painting.
  • Start misting the fabric with water to open the fibers so the paint is absorbed. Do sections at a time.
  • Once the fabric is dry (I waited 24-hours for each coat), lightly sand with 220-grit. Apply as many coats as necessary to completely cover the material, sanding between coats. This chair used two coats. I only sanded the first coat because of the raised details and fear the paint would lighten in those areas.



  • I applied two coats of glaze to the wood frame, in an uneven fashion. Glaze dries fast, so you can start the metallic application soon after the glaze is applied.
  • You can apply the metallic rub-n-buff as much or as little as you like.
  • When you’ve completed your furniture piece to your liking, apply a coat of wax to soften and protect the fabric. (I did use the Spray wax by Dixie Belle.) I did not put a top coat on the glazed area.

Painting furniture

I love this chair and it will be hard to get rid of, if I decide to sell it ?
The details are even more stunning than they were ‘before’.

Tell me, what do you think of this chair? Is it fabulous? Leave your comment below.

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“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!”

-Saul Bass