Painting with chalk paint and what to know. Although it can be intimidating, it is also fun and you can show your artistic talents!

How to use chalk paint

Painting With Chalk Paint – What To Know

Chalk painted furniture and home décor is everywhere these days, and for good reason. Painting with chalk paint is easy and very forgiving. Your pieces do not have to be perfect! 

Warning: Once you use chalk paint, you’ll be hooked! 

There are many brands to choose from, which can be overwhelming to a new furniture painter. I have many different brands from when I first started painting and I use every one of them. I didn’t know which brand was better than the next, but what it comes down to is picking the one that works best for you. The one that gives you the results you desire. I call that “my happy face”. You’ll know, I promise! 

You don’t have to buy several brands, it could get costly. Research a couple that interest you. Buy one or two colors to try, get a sample or a smaller ounce size. 

Chalk paint is designed to adhere to most surfaces. However, the myth of never having to ‘prep’ a piece of furniture is just that, a myth. Every piece you are going to paint should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, allowing it to dry completely prior to painting. 

I’ve used Dawn Platinum dishwashing liquid as well as a mix of 50/50 water and vinegar.  It’s easy cleaning. You may have to do this a couple to times, depending on how dirty your piece is, of course. 

Once your piece is dry, and you’ve made any necessary minor repairs, you can apply the chalk paint. Your project may take more than one coat, usually 2 and possibly 3. Do note though:

If your piece has a shiny or slick finish, like a formica top would, you would want to sand lightly with a 220 grit to rough it up so the paint adheres better.

I’ve also used:

  • Zinser Shellac, a polycrylic 
  • Kilz Max, a primer/sealer/stainblocker 

Chalk paint has a matte finish that many people like, for that shabby chic or rustic distressed look. You should always use a protective coat for the top of your pieces. You’ll want a durable finish for high traffic areas, such as your dining table, night table, coffee table…you get the picture. 

Top coats I’ve used:

  • Minwax water based Polycrylic 
  • Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish – I love this!

I hope this information helps you with your first or future projects! Feel free to contact me with any questions, I’d be happy to help.

Do it with purpose!

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

-Saul Bass

Painting With Chalk Paint –

What To Know 

How to use chalk paint