A friend of my son was giving this table away. I said yes in a heartbeat!

It came with smoky glass inlays on the table which I didn’t really care for. That’s when the wood replacement idea started. 

I remember these tables being popular in many homes growing up. They are considered vintage and still sell today.

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 DIY With Yard Sale Treasures

The glass inserts were already removed for the ride home, so you can’t see them in this photo, but you can in one below. By the way, take a look at that wooden gate! You can find that story here. 

The color of this table is typical of furniture from the same time period…not really that long ago…with the claw style feet and that orange-tan color. Ewww. 


The table was taken apart completely, each leg worked on delicately and the table top as well. You can see the smoked glass in one of the photos above, and the plywood inserts made for the inlay.

Once I sanded the edges of the plywood, I stained with a chocolate gel stain, then followed up with a gray gel stain. The gray really made a difference and softened the chocolate.

The Complete Table Revamp DIY

I love that you can take a piece of plain old plywood and make it look like a gorgeous piece of something wonderful! It looks so good, don’t you agree?

Some products used for this project:

With a bit of distressing this piece and a white wax top coat to soften it up, she came out real pretty. I like these tables and how long and skinny they are. They look attractive against the wall, maybe in a foyer for a hall decorative ‘catch-all’ table, or of course, behind your sofa. 

Meet, Sophie.

Do It With Purpose!

Wendy 🌸

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares!” – Sal Bass