This is a HUGE table! Seriously, it could be a big side table or a smaller coffee table, but I LOVE it. This thing is well made and the wood is absolutely beautiful. I can’t even remember how I acquired this piece, but I’m glad I did. It was one of those rare, easy  peasy pieces!

I didn’t want to paint over too much of the natural wood, it was too pretty. So I opted to paint the frame, leaving the top and drawer front wood.

I cleaned this piece as I usually do, using the Dawn Platinum dishwashing soap. This stuff really takes the grime off anything but like I said, this piece was easy-peasy. Not much dirt, no repairs and a pleasure to work on.

I used a light coat of turquoise color and a chip brush and heavily distressed this piece with 220 grit sand paper. With the color and wet distressing, the worn beach look really showed through. The top and drawer were stained with a dark chocolate gel stain.

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I sanded the base of the table and wiped it down well with a tack cloth. A tack cloth is a sticky weaved cloth, with a lot of sticky! It removes any residue from sanding, lint, dust, everything, to allow a clean surface to start painting on.

The gel stain soaked right in and gave this piece the final touch of beauty it needed. Well, the anchor hardware made this final look as well…couldn’t have done it without them!

Isn’t he handsome? I’ve named him Cappy!