Stripped and repainted Sideboard Buffet

Meet Adele. I just had to tell you her name first because I think she’s beautiful! I’m so in awe of this piece. Isn’t she a beauty?

Adele has come a long way. She was raw, she was serene, she was stripped, repainted and stained. Stripping and repainting a sideboard buffet is no joke.

Let me show you what she’s been through. 

Sideboard Buffet Stripping and Repainting

Sideboard buffet furniture

This is what Adele looked like when she came to me. Very beautiful in her natural state, she had some flaws…but don’t we all? 😏 Her details are so stunning, I had to accent them. I believed a lovely color ‘serene’, would show her off, and it did. You can read more about that here.

Can you believe I painted this and then stripped it! 

Sideboard buffet

This is what Adele looked like originally. A beautiful ‘serene’ color, and of course her name is, or was Serena. Stunning right? 

This was in my master bedroom. I loved her color for a couple years, but she needed a new dress. With a new dress, it calls for a new name. 

It was a lot of work to redress Adele, stripping and repainting. She needed to be stripped of course, and that is no fun task. Especially when you’re working in the master bedroom. Who wants to carry a heavy piece of furniture down a flight of stairs, outside and then back again? Not me, and my hubster just looked at me and smiled, like I was kidding or something. So I went to work.

Stripped sideboard buffet


See in the video how easily the paint stripped off? If you haven’t used this product CitriStrip. You can use it indoor without the strong odor or toxic concerns. It works great, that’s the bonus. 

I applied the Citristrip a second time to really get down to the natural wood. 

Apply a thick layer, using a chip brush, one you can toss.

Just look at the beautiful natural wood in the photo to the right? So much beauty. 

stripper and white lightening cleaner

A Sideboard Buffet

Stripping the legs, WAS A PAIN! Although totally worth it. I only stripped the top and legs. I painted over the serene colored body with ease. Because I used a mineral chalk paint without a top coat, it was easy to paint over without much work. Just clean and do a light scuff with a 220 grit sandpaper.

I used Dixie Belle Paint ‘Drop Cloth’ on the body and a bit of a brown glaze highlighted the details, the results were better than expected. 

I used a salve by Dixie Belle Paint, unscented Big Mamas Butta’ for the top. Stunning.

I left the legs natural, applying the salve to them also. Leaving some of the natural beauty was what Adele needed. 

Sideboard Buffet Cream

What do you think of Adele? 

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